Hi, I'm Frank


i love solving tough problems in the healthcare space and throwing big punches in the climate fight. i also code a tad every now and then.

me with a slight smile


me with a slight smile

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Languages: English, Español, un peu de français

Pride and Joy: Mi familia

Mood: pragmatically optimistic

I am a forever student and former athlete that has a few passions and MANY interests. I like to trade good ole stocks and research various investment opportunities.

My faith grounds me. I'm on a spiritual journey and enjoy learning about multiple religions and spiritualities.




What's cooler than the human body? Maybe healing it... or our beautiful planet.


Ecological Restoration

We're in the fight of a generation and it's well past time to supercharge a sustainable future.


Social Justice

Fighting to right wrongs and work towards equitable distribution of opportunity.



Run, jump, kick, glide; women, men; professional, collegiate— I'll probably watch it.

What I Do

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Hear From Me

Animated cartoon of Frank

What can I do?

April 26, 2021

Quinn chats with Frank to try to help answer the eternal question: What can I do?

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Image of Frank playing football


September 26, 2020

Brandon Harrison discusses dream chasing, college sports & racial tension in America with Frank.

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