Intro to My Head

Hello All— I hope everyone is staying safe and sane during this time. Thankfully, my family is happy, healthy, and blessed to see the sun rise up each day.

Outside of working on my company’s COVID-19 monitoring platform, I have been taking some time to reflect on my last year. After looking back on all that I’ve experienced and learned, I’ve decided to start posting infrequent updates, hopefully laced with some useful advice.

I recently finished a nine-month Stanford work/study fellowship called the Mayfield Fellows Program where I met eleven of my favorite people on Earth. For the work portion of the program, I interned for a three-person company, in which I was the third person. I ended up loving the work so much that I turned down an opportunity at a graduate school in Paris to work for DailyDoctor (formerly AIRx Health) full-time. With this, I began my transition out of the cushioned Stanford bubble and, somewhat, entered the ~real world~. I even moved to Paris for a few months to explore Europe while continuing to work full-time. Outside of my trips within France, I managed to visit Dubai, Switzerland, Spain, England, and Ireland during my time there. It was not ALL fun and games, though, as I also squeezed in my fair share of 100+ hour work weeks.

It has been a very eventful time in my life, and I thought I’d share a bit about my journey so that maybe it helps, inspires, or entertains at least one person. I’ll talk to you all soon!

One Love ❤️ 🕊